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TED Talks as Research Inspiration

This guide is a companion to the "TED Talk as Research Inspiration" programs at the Penn State Abington Library

TED Talks as Research Inspiration

Welcome to the library guide for the "TED Talks as Research Inspiration" events at the Penn State Abington Library. These monthly events are meant to help students learn how to take ideas that they may encounter in everyday life and get curious and go deeper into the kernel of the idea that was gleaned from the TED Talk. During the events we watch a pre-recorded TED Talk, and then help students discover some of the original research that sparked the Talk. From there, we'll give examples of ways that students might branch out from the topic to explore it from a humanities, social science, or STEM point of view. 

During the events we'll cover how to: 

  • Create a mind map as a brainstorming tool to generate ideas
  • Search for news and scholarly articles on the issue
  • Locate related material in the library catalog

 This is the perfect event for students who have to generate their own topic for a research paper.