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MGMT 301W: Basic Management Concepts, Weber

MGMT 301W Overview

MGMT 301W: Basic Management Concepts

  • Examination of fundamental principles and processes applicable to the study of management


Using the list below, choose one theorist and on a 3' x 4' poster, state his or her major contributions to the theory of management.

  • List the contributions clearly (bullet-points)
  • Contributions should be divided into two sections:
    • Primary (Main) Contribution(s) to Management
    • Secondary Contribution(s) to Management
  • Try to paraphrase and not directly quote information from your sources.
  • If possible, locate at least one image of the theorist. If this is not possible, locate other images to represent their ideas

​​Please conduct your research using at least two academic databases available via the Penn State Libraries. State your findings and at the end of the page, cite the articles and sources that you utilized.  Use the APA-citation format, but also list the database/source that you used in your research.


Whipps, J. (2014). A Pragmatist Reading of Mary Parker Follett's Integrative Process. Transactions Of The Charles S. Peirce Society, 50(3), 405-424. Retrieved from Academic Search Complete.

List of Theorists: 

  • Henri Fayol
  • Steven Kerr
  • Harold Koontz​
  • Abraham H. Maslow
  • Elton Mayo