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LEAP Guide

This guide contains basic resources that will greatly benefit LEAP participants.

Library Instruction Learning Objectives for LEAP

As partners in the LEAP program, your librarians can play an integral role in providing your students a strong foundation for research skills and tools that will serve them through their entire university careers. We encourage you to set aside at least one class session--in conjunction with an assignment that requires the students to do research--for the students to visit the library for an instruction session with your pride's librarian. In order to meet students' needs for information/research literacy, as well as their need to successfully produce a well-founded paper, speech, or other project, library instruction sessions will address some combination of the following learning objectives:

At the foundational level, students will be able to:

  • recognize that there are a variety of resources available to them, including the Libraries' home page, the ENGL:015 or CAS:100 course guide, and the Ask a Librarian service.
  • articulate research questions in order to identify appropriate search terms (keywords).
  • refine search results using built-in database features and/or search term refinement in order to locate resources that meet their specific information needs.
  • critically evaluate different sources of information and identify key criteria needed in an authoritative source.

As they delve into subject- or discipine-specific information sources, students will be able to:

  • evaluate search results in order to identify the most appropriate sources to meet their information needs.
  • identify the appropriate subject librarian, library, and research guide(s) for their areas of research.
  • identify one key database in their area of study.

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