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CRIMJ 250W: Research Methods in Criminal Justice (Harrisburg)

What is Inter Library Loan?

Inter Library Loan or "ILL" is a service that allows you to borrow materials -- including electronic journal articles -- from other libraries. 

If you come across an article through Google Scholar or a Library Database that we do not have access to, you can submit an ILL request. 

ILL is fast and free to you. You will receive an email when the PDF of your requested article is delivered to your ILL account.

No electronic holdings Found?

location of the

If you see this screen and can't access the article, select the "Consider Inter Library Loan" link at the bottom of the page.

Sample form for InterLibrary Loan showing the various fields that are automatically filled out

The link will load a request form for the article, and fill out the form for you. Submit your request and wait for the article to be delivered to your ILL account eletronically.

Location of the completed requests in your Inter Library Loan account

Completed request will show up in your ILL account. You can also find the request form to request additional materials on this page.