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Online Students Use of the Library

This guide is intended for students who are using the library online to help guide the experience and make the library website easier to understand and use!

Library Resources in Canvas

There are three major library resources in Canvas. When you use E-Reserves, Library Guides, or Ask-A-Librarian in Canvas, you are actually using library services and resources!


E-Reserves is a way that your instructor places material on hold for you and your classmates. There are two major reasons that your instructor will use E-Reserves. The first is to make material available to you without requiring you to purchase a book. If the instructor only wants to use a chapter or two from a book, they can place these on E-Reserves. The second is to make material available for a large number of users. The materials that the library purchases might have a limit on the total number of active users. By placing this material on reserves, it allows everyone in the class to access that material at the same time. 

E-Reserves are seamlessly integrated into Canvas. You can access all materials that your instructor has placed on reserve from the same 'Library Resources' tab as the library guide is located in. 

Librarian Role

There is a librarian role in Canvas. If this role is activated in your course it means that there is a librarian in your course. Reach out to this librarian via email, use the resources they have created in the course, and know that they are there to help you with all of your research and information needs. 


You see that little 'Ask-a-Librarian' blue box on this screen? That box gives you the option to live chat with a librarian. While this tab is very apparent whenever you are searching the library, it also appears now when you are using Canvas. Click on this box and be connected to a librarian instantly. What can a librarian help you with? Well, watch the video below to find out. 

Library Guides

In the old days, students would have to go to the library website to use a guide for their course. Now, guides are located within your course in Canvas. The guide is located in the tab that says 'library resources'. This makes it possible for you to use the library guide without ever leaving the Learning Management System. 


Library Guides, like this one, help you use some aspect of the library better. There are library guides that teach you about citations, finding e-books, and searching dissertations. However, there are also guides that point you to valuable resources and ways to evaluate information for the courses you take. These are called subject guides. For example, if you take a business course, there is a business guide that will show you where to find valuable resources for that course. There are also these things called course guides. These guides function as they sound. They have been designed for a specific course. 

The guide list below this are all of the course guides that have been created for World Campus courses. Check out the list and see if there is a guide for your course.