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ANTH 22: Humans as Primates

Research guide for ANTH 22

Assignment from Your Instructor

You will write an original research paper addressing the historic and contemporary conservation efforts of a Great Ape species of your choosing: chimpanzees, gorillas, orangutans, or bonobos.

Your paper will include:

  • a title sheet
  • four pages of content (five is OK if necessary)
  • a full bibliography.
  • You must cite at least SEVEN sources (a minimum of which FOUR must be scholarly) 
  • You may use any style you choose (e.g., MLA, APA, Chicago) as long as you maintain the style consistently throughout your paper, citations, and bibliography.

I recommend that you not start your paper until we address conservation during week seven. That would provide you with eight weeks to research and write your paper as well as allowing me time to review rough drafts and provide input if needed. You are free to begin the paper whenever you wish to however, as it is an original research paper and should not mirror the material covered in class. I do strongly advise that you begin the paper shortly after week seven; papers written at the last minute are always deeply flawed, no matter how well you think it may be. You need time to research your topic, devise an outline, and give yourself time to write and revise until the paper is appropriate for submission. 

Your paper will include four sections which do not need to be of equal length.

  1. Introduce your topic (e.g., bonobos). What is their environment? Social structure? Conservation status?
  2. What have been the historical attempts at conservation?
  3. What is the contemporary status of bonobos? Their population? Threats to their environment? Contemporary conservation efforts?
  4. What is the future outlook for bonobos? Their population? Their environment?

These questions are to be addressed, but they are simply a partial guideline, not an outline for your paper.

Your paper is due by 4 pm on Monday, May 1st. I will be in my office from 10:00 until 2:00 and you may drop off your paper during that time. An electronic copy of your paper must also be submitted to me by the same deadline. No late papers will be accepted. You are free to turn in your paper at any point in the semester should it suit your schedule. However, if you submit a final draft early, it will act as the final paper and cannot be revised further.