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EDPSYC 014: Learning and Instruction

Welcome to the library guide for Dr. Jessica Schocker's ED PSYC 014 course!

Poll 1

Peer review means....
Asking your friends their opinion of a movie: 5 votes (9.09%)
An editorial process where others in the field review an article before it is published: 45 votes (81.82%)
Book reviews published in journals: 0 votes (0%)
All of the above: 4 votes (7.27%)
None of the above: 1 votes (1.82%)
Total Votes: 55

Poll 2

Have you ever used an article database?
Yes: 40 votes (81.63%)
No: 6 votes (12.24%)
What the heck is an article database?: 3 votes (6.12%)
Total Votes: 49