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COMM 304/494: Mass Communication Research

Resources for conducting a literature search, exploring comm theories, and developing test questions.


Researching your topic using library resources will help you find a broad range of journal articles and other source documents to support your Communication theory.  ProQuest Flow will keep your sources organized and available across a variety of platforms, whether you are using your laptop or campus computer. 

Library Log Assignment

Check in with your Librarian by: 

Library Log Due: 


You will keep a log of the research you have done for your annotated bibliography.  

  • Discuss your research methodology, the sources you found, and what keywords/searches you performed.  
  • Include what worked and what didn't work for your research process, along with any questions that come up as you go.
  • Please also attach a copy of your bibliography to your research log and submit it via Canvas.  

You will receive feedback on your correct use of APA Style in the bibliography.