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COMM 304/494: Mass Communication Research

Resources for conducting a literature search, exploring comm theories, and developing test questions.

Library Log Assignment

Check in with your Librarian by: Friday, October 13th

To schedule your appointment:

Library Log Due: Thursday, October 19

You will keep a log of the research you have done for your annotated bibliography.  

  • Tell us:
    • What databases you used - see How To Find Articles tab on left
      • Tip: "The library homepage" is not a database or a sufficient answer!
    • What keywords you used (include what worked and what didn't)
    • Describe your results for each search you completed 
    • If you didn't get the results you were looking for, how did you revise your search?
    • Did any additional questions related to your main research question pop into your head? What were they?
  • Please also attach a copy of your bibliography to your research log and submit it via Canvas.  

You will receive feedback on your correct use of APA Style in the bibliography.

Click on the link below to access the Chromebooks Survey at the end of class:

Communications Theories

A few sources that can help you find additional information on your selected/assigned theory.