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ENGL 202D: Business Writing (Stains)

Professor Concetta Stains

MLA Style Citations: In-Text & Works Cited

MLA Style Citations: Purpose & Differences Between In-Text and Works Cited
[Below page numbers, e.g., (pp. 5-6), refer to MLA Handbook, 8th ed.]

Purpose of Citations: Why Cite (pp. 5-6]

  • Context
  • Credibility
  • Resources to Investigate
  • Acknowledge, Respect (avoiding plagiarism)

Differences between In-Text and Works Cited:

  • In-Text:  Author-Page
  • Good practice to include source validation information as part of your in-text citation.
    • Provides reader indication of source’s authority within the text of the sentence.
    • Example: Harvard historian Brown discovered that…(25).
  • Works Cited:  Complete citation information
  • Each in-text citations should have a corresponding Works Cited citation

MLA In-Text Citations

Ways to Cite in Text

  • Generalize
  • Summarize
  • Paraphrase
  • Quote

How to Cite in Text