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SOC 003: Introduction to Social Psychology, Naylor

SOC 3 Overview

SOC 3: Introduction to Social Psychology

  • The impact of the social environment on perception, attitudes, and behavior.


Select one “Summing Up” topic from the textbook (Social Psychology, 12th Edition) and create a 3’ x 4’ poster that explains the concepts.

For example:

Summing Up (p. 134) What predicts conformity?

Locate at least two scholarly sources to help back up your explanation. Use the APA-citation format, but also list the database/source that you used in your research. For example:

  • Wright, D. B., London, K., & Waechter, M. (2010). Social anxiety moderates memory conformity in adolescents. Applied Cognitive Psychology, 24(7), 1034-1045. 
  • Lieberman, D. A. (2015). The case against free will: What a quiet revolution in psychology has revealed about how behaviour is determined. Houndsmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire; New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan. doi:10.1057/9781137345257

Each poster must have:

  • Penn State Wilkes-Barre Logo
  • Title
  • Student name, course name, instructor name
  • A clear description of the thesis of the poster
  • Concise explanations of arguments or concepts
  • A conclusion based on your research
  • At least 2 images
  • At least 2 references

Poster Templates

NOTE: Intent to Participate in Celebration of Scholarship form is due FEBRUARY 10, 2017!