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PSYCH 100: Introduction to Psychology, Naylor

PSYCH 100 Overview

PSYCH 100: Introduction to Psychology

  • Introduction to general psychology; principles of human behavior and their applications.


Select one Learning Objective from the textbook (Exploring Psychology) and create a 3’ x 4’ poster that explains the concepts.

For example:

Learning Objective 9-14 (p. 341): How do Howard Gardner’s and Robert Sternberg’s theories of multiple intelligences differ, and what criticisms have they faced.

Locate at least two scholarly sources to help back up your explanation. Use the APA-citation format, but also list the database/source that you used in your research. For example:

  • Gardner, H. (1999). Intelligence reframed: Multiple intelligences for the 21st century. New York, NY: Basic Books.

  • Sternberg, R. J. (2002). Why smart people can be so stupid. New Haven: Yale University Press.

Each poster must have:

  • Penn State Wilkes-Barre Logo
  • Title
  • Student name, course name, instructor name
  • A clear description of the thesis of the poster
  • Concise explanations of arguments or concepts
  • A conclusion based on your research
  • At least 2 images
  • At least 2 references

Poster Templates

NOTE: Intent to Participate in Celebration of Scholarship form is due FEBRUARY 10, 2017!