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FIN 301: Corporation Finance, Weber

FIN 301 Overview

FIN 301: Corporation Finance

  • An introductory finance course focusing on basic financial principles and practices essential to managing a business


Create a financial SWOT analysis for a publicly traded company on a 3' x 4' poster. Include the following:

  • the company's financial strengths
  • financial weaknesses
  • financial opportunities
  • financial threats.

​​Please conduct your research using at least two academic databases available via the Penn State Libraries. For example, use the Hoover's database to research a firm's current financial quarterly report, annual report, financial ratios, current company stock price, history of the company stock price, etc. 

State your findings and at the end of the page, cite the articles or sources that you utilized.  Use the APA-citation format, but also list the database/source that you used in your research.


Mergent. (2012). Apple Inc. Company Financials. Retrieved March 6, 2012, from Mergent Online database.

NOTE: Intent to Participate in Celebration of Scholarship form is due FEBRUARY 10, 2017!