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BA 243: Social, Legal, and Ethical Environment of Business, Weber

BA 243 Overview

BA 243: Social, Legal, and Ethical Environment of Business

Explores the ethical, political, social, legal and regulatory, technological, and demographic diversity environment of business. 


Create a create a 3' x 4' poster that explains/illustrates a law concept or real estate concept.

Real Estate Topics (potential)

  • types of real property deeds
  • types of residential leases
  • types of commercial leases
  • types of contracts
  • legal effects of contracts (valid, void, voidable, and unenforceable)
  • types of real estate appraisals
  • types of leasehold estates
  • types of freehold estates, etc.

Legal Topics (potential)

  • suit for specific performance
  • essential elements to a valid contract
  • types of ownership (i.e.. joint tenancy, tenancy in common, tenancy by the entirety, and ownership in severalty)
  • employment relationships
  • torts
  • intellectual property rights. 

Please conduct your research using at least two academic databases available via the Penn State Libraries. State your findings and at the end of the page, cite the articles or sources that you utilized.  Use the APA-citation format, but also list the database/source that you used in your research. Note that citing legal cases and statutes can be tricky. Please ask for help, or see this guide for more information!

NOTE: Intent to Participate in Celebration of Scholarship form is due FEBRUARY 10, 2017!