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WORKSHOP: International Conference on Software Security and Assurance


Literature Review

The purpose of the literature review is to summarize and compare research that has been done in a specific field. It also includes what still needs to be done and why all of this research is important. 

A literature review does not need to include an annotation, but writing a summary and the major points of the resources will help you to remember what you read and then you can easily incorporate this information into your paper.

Doing a literature review takes time.

Here some tips:

Define a topic.

Your topic should be interesting to you, but also something that is current and well-defined. Your topic may change as you research the information. 

Find out what has already been done.

Dissertations are a great place to start and will provide you with example and resources. Dissertations can be found in the database Theses & Dissertations (look in the Database tab).

Also, type in Google: literature review and your topic. Make sure to limit your search by time or you may get too much irrelevant information.

One more resource is look at proceedings, these are current topics presented at conferences. In Google type: proceedings and your topic. Remember to limit by date. 

Think about subtopics.

With your topic in mind, think of other subtopics that could emerge from the research. Look at this YouTube video on how to do a literature review- the concepts are the same if you research cars or cyber security. Need help? Ask a librarian.   

Be consistent.

Follow your citation style.  Check the link below. If you have questions ask your professor and if you need help ask a librarian.